More and more shopping is done over the internet nowadays. Your own online shop not only means you can participate, but also gives you direct access to old and new customers.


It's not just online shopping: more and more people are using their smartphones to shop.

So you not only have to have your online store, but also be mobile-friendly — both in design and usability.


If you're selling on other platforms like Amazon, you're just one of many sellers on someone else's platform.

Your own online shop gives you the best opportunity and complete control over how you present your products and your company.

The solution: Use Shopify to sell online

Shopify is one of the leading services for e-commerce. Shopify takes care of the technical details of running an online store, while allowing you to take complete control over how your store looks and works, so you can do what you do best: create and sell your products

Setting up an online store?

You're not already selling online? You want to start offering your products online?

I can help you all the way, from choosing a domain, setting up shop on Shopify, and making sure you get the most out of Shopify's backend.

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Changing shops?

You're already running an online store, but it's too much work, and costs too much money to run?

I can help you move your existing shop to Shopify. From setting up your Shopify store, to moving your existing products over, to making sure you get the most out of Shopify's backend.

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Hi, I'm Markus.

I've worked as a software engineer and CTO for some of the larger e-commerce companies in Austria. Now I'm using that knowledge and experience to help small and medium sized companies.

If you're not already technically versed, running and maintaining your own online store can be a burden. I can answer your questions, help you out with problems, and make sure that your online store has everything it needs to be successful.

Set up a call now. I will answer your questions, and map out your next steps with you.

Markus Wein, the Iron Squid

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